Analyze a Health Theory or Model

Physical Activity and Special Populations
January 5, 2021
Policy modification
January 5, 2021

  • Review the social ecology of health model with its associated theories by completing the following exercise:
  • Select of the models or theories from the list above that coincides with one of the five hierarchical levels in the social ecology of health model.
  • Reflect upon how the model or theory explains a health condition associated with the previously Healthy People assigned focus area.

******Your topic of discussion is Vision Health! DO NOT USE ANOTHER TOPIC******

  • In your own words, describe one way that the chosen theory explains Vision Health. Use terms from the model or theory in your explanation, and be sure to cite your sources appropriately.
  • Now state the hierarchical level or levels (i.e., interpersonal, intrapersonal, organizational, community, and society) in the social ecology of health model that corresponds with your chosen theory. Please explain why it is related to the hierarchical level(s).
  • Be sure to cite your supporting documentation appropriately in correct APA format.……

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