America Politics In Contemporary Music Videos By Black Eyed Peas – Big Love

B cells and explaining what they do
May 17, 2020
Male and Female Wage Disparity in Developed Countries
May 17, 2020

-Check the feedback on the essay (which you wrote it for me btw). It was very good I took 47/50 thank you.
-You have to use the same essay I attached the draft (5paragraph essay) and continue to expand on it.
-I need 11 paragraphs essay (2200 words).
-Use the Analytical-Argumentative outline I attached and follow it exactly.
-You can see the video for further details.
-Use only the 5 references I upload. No more.
-The fourth source (ted-talk) should be against my point of view, the rest is for. I already attached my annotation for all references it may help you to understand what references talking about.
-Listen to the audio feedback and work on expanding the conclusion and a bit more on the introduction.


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