Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure

Cyber stalking
June 1, 2020
Give a brief description of an objective you worked on this week. Make sure to cite at least one reference showing how your objective relates to the public health knowledge you’ve studied during this course or the public health course. You may choose to reference your e-text, journal articles, or videos you’ve studied during these courses or you may find an outside reference on your own to further enhance your public health knowledge and practices.
June 2, 2020

Compare and contrast two difference cloud computing services (Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure). Explain the differences and the similarities and select

your choice of providers if you had to make the decision for your business. Write up a comparison on the services offered (2 pages maximum). Once again, it is

essential that you use your own words (do not just copy and paste from the Internet).

These two links may offer some additional information for this assignment but you are encouraged to use additional sources for your project/assignment.

(500-550 words in word document with references 6 years or less older with min 3 references of journals or books please)

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