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Also, for the business plan this is like a general description of the

A.(10 Points) Business Plan Assignment: Business Plan: The MARKET draft See page 234- 239).
B.(20 Points) Review the Chapter 7 Mini-Case: “Analyzing to Find a Path Forward” (P. 218) and answer the following questions:
a.Considering the Porter Model, from what sectors would Ronnie’s competitors be coming? What kinds of threats do they pose to his business?
b.Pick two tactics from the list in Exhibit 7.3 and explain how they could be applied to Ronnie’s business. Explain why you think those tactics would work.
c.Industry experts say that SEO is an industry on the rise. What are the implications for Ronnie as he plans to run his business?
C.(20 Points) You Tube Assignment: View the following You Tube Video: “What Successful Entrepreneurs Know”: Amy Wilkinson (
b.Summarize (minimum 300 words) link for the book 
Can you please answer each question separately and make sure that for C we have an outline and then a summary?
Also, for the business plan this is like a general description of the company you help me come up with, so you can go from there.
The business idea that I have is producing a nutritious and organic energy drink targeting millennials, especially athletes and people that wish to cut weight. The idea is inspired by the trends in consumer needs in the market where most people prefer organic foods and beverages. The company will be called Salutem, situated in the U.S. but has a mission for becoming a multinational corporation. Salutem will produce organic beverages and after-sales customer services. The value proposition for the company is that we offer a healthy organic drink that is carefully packed in eco-friendly bottles and cans at an affordable price to help you live a healthier and wholesome lifestyle. 

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