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Alcohol addiction in teenage – Nursing Essay Tutors

Discussion 1
Norma, a 43 year old mother and wife is struggling with alcohol addiction. She has two teenage children, a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. Her husband is a truck driver and is often on the road working long hours. He is rarely home. Norma has a history of seizures and kidney stones. She is frequently ill with stomach problems. She has few friends and rarely socializes.
Norma has come into your local mental health center seeking services. You must now assemble a team of professionals to assist you in working with Norma. Discuss what professionals you will use to help you work with Norma and in what capacity. Be specific. Give examples.
Discussion 2
You are working for a local youth center that provides after school activities including games, tutoring and peer groups. You have recently discovered that a couple of your regular attendees have not been attending the after school program but are rumored to be socializing with known gang members.
The following week, your students return. Hoping to dissuade the students from further gang affiliation, you employ a systems approach in addressing the problem. Discuss and describe what this approach will look like. Be specific. Give examples.

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