Air Traffic Management and Energy Efficiency using the free flight concept.

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018


Inadequate air routes coupled with congestion to air sector and adverse weather conditions have in the past led to environmental problems, economic problems and safety hazards in the aviation industry. This has led to creation of negative aspects for both airline and airports in the aviation industry. Further there has been increased daily flights which is likely to increase in the next years and thus the existing Air Traffic Management system will not be able to support the anticipated high volume of air traffic and efficiency.

This problem can be solved by transforming the Air Traffic Management system to be airplane centered instead of airport centered as the existing one. The new system will therefore perform the following tasks;

Support the free flight concept

Increase energy efficiency and safety

Increase air sector’s capacity by preventing congestion

Reduce the volume of work done by the Air Traffic Controller as an observer.