A research paper on a country’s macroeconomic policies

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February 8, 2018
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Paper details:Scenario :

Your line manager wants to finally test you on your problem identification, situational analysis, solution generation, evaluation, and decision making skills. He also wants to understand if you can comprehend and blend theory with practice by self-study, group discussion and literature search; thereby coming out with a research paper based on the study of a country’s macroeconomic indicators.
LO 1: Define and compute Gross Domestic Product (GDP) using different methods.
LO 3: Assess economic growth theory and its connections to inflation and employment.
LO 4: Describe international trade policies.


A research paper on a country’s macroeconomic policies has to be submitted
This is a paired assignment
The maximum word limit for the research paper is 3000 words.
The research paper should contain appropriate references.
It should be submitted online as a formal research report with proper format, cover page and a form declaring that this is the pair’s original piece of work and has not been copied)
Format of the Research Paper
Introduction to the Country(2 marks)
Major Macroeconomic Issues/Indicators like: (2 marks for each point)
Business Cycles/Growth
Economic growth
International trade policies
Conclusion/Future outlook of the country (3 marks)
References indicating the name of the Author, Journal/Magazine/Book name, year of publishing, and Publisher name. If using web then the complete URL of the website should be given including the date on which the material was accessed. (1 mark)
Guidelines for writing
Each country profile must be designed to give a summary of that country, its economy and economic profile. You can provide economic indicators, data and statistics, as well as analysis of its history, GDP, GDP growth, GDP per capita, international trading relations, imports & exports, Country Population, Country Census, Births, Deaths and Immigration, Country Inflation, Unemployment Rates, International trade policies
The research paper assignment has value of 20% of the total grade for this subject.
Late assignments will be penalized with a 10% grade deduction for each week delayed for all assignments.