leadership week 5

Throughout this course, you have been learning about the skills and attributes required by successful leaders. Now, you are to demonstrate what you have learned by developing a leadership presentation for your business concept managers. Based on your successful leadership skills and demonstrated ability, you have decided it is vital to your success to provide […]

Evaluate an organization''s security policies

Global Finance, Inc. Network Diagram Above is the Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) network diagram. A hypothetical company, GFI has grown rapidly this past year and implemented a number of network devices as displayed in the diagram. The company invested in the network and designed it to be fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. […]

Create a memo for security controls and counter measures

Scenario: A small LLP consisting of a group of private investigators is headed by one of your friends. The partnership has a small office with one server and six workstations. Additionally, the partnership hosts its own website where it allows clients to log in and enter their case information. You suspect that the site may […]

HR Week 1 Assignment

  HR Week 1 Assignment This week you submit a proposal for your Final Paper to your Instructor for approval. For your project, you identify an HR-related problem, review resources related to the problem, develop and evaluate potential solutions to the problem, and make a recommendation for addressing the problem. For your proposal: Identify an […]