2 discussions and finance problems

What is the target BP for patients with diabetes and hypertension?
May 5, 2021
CAREER CONNECTION: Final Strategic Plan, business and finance homework help
May 5, 2021

POL 110: U.S. Government:

Discussion 1:

The Influence of Interest Groups – Please respond to the following:

  • Identify a recent policy debate (besides gun control) from the past 6 months. Research which interest groups participated in this policy. Do you think they had too much influence on the policy, the right amount, or not enough?

FIN 100: Principles of Finance:

Discussion 2:

VIDEO: 60 Minutes Inside the Financial Crash

After watching the Inside the Financial Crash video, how did this financial crash impact you, your family, a career you may have been laid-off from, and/or someone you know that were affected?

Finance Problems:

Problem 6: Determine the present values if $5000 is received in the future (i.e. at the end of each indicated time period) in each of the following situations: (a) 5 percent for ten years (b) 7 percent for seven years (c) 9 percent for four years

Problem 9: Assume you are planning to invest $5,000 each year for six years and will earn 10 percent per year. Determine the future value of this annuity if your first $5,000 is invested at the end of the first year.

Problem 10: Determine the present value now of an investment of $3,000 made one year from now and an additional $3,000 made two years from now if the annual discount rate is 4 percent.

Problem 11: What is the present value of a loan that calls for the payment of $500 per year for six years if the discount rate is 10 percent and the first payment will be made one year from now? How would your answer change if the $500 per year occurred for ten years?

Problem 12: Determine the annual payment on a $500,000, 12 percent business loan from a commercial bank that is to be amortized over a five year period.

Problem 13: Determine the annual payment on a $15,000 loan that is to be amortized over a four-year period and carries a 10 percent interest rate. Also prepare a loan amortization schedule for this loan.

Problem 15: Assume a bank loan requires an interest payment of $85 per year and a principle payment of $1,000 at the end of the loan’s eight-year life. (a) At what amount could this loan be sold for to another bank if loans of similar quality carried an 8.5 percent interest rate? That is, what would be the present value of this loan? (b) Now, if interests rates on other similar-quality loans are 10 percent, what would be the present value of this loan? (c) What would be the present value of the loan if the interest rate is 8 percent on similar-quality loans?


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