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1. (p. 259) In the development of an advertising campaign or message, creative _____ involves…

1. (p. 259) Inthe development of an advertising campaign or message, creative _____ involvesdetermining what the message will say or communicate, while creative _____deals with how the message will be implemented or executed.A. strategy; tacticsB. tactics; strategyC. mission: strategyD. tactics; visionE. vision; mission.Topic: Introduction
2. (p. 259) The_____ is used as the central theme of the advertising campaign and translatedinto attention-getting, distinctive, and memorable messages.A. animaticB. big ideaC. brand nameD. logoE. copy platform
3. (p. 259) Whichof the following statements is true about the use of creativity in anadvertising campaign?A. Because most advertising is creative, creativity isnot enough to break through the clutter.B. Creative advertising always has a positive impact onsales.C. Creative advertising that is not relevant to thetarget audience may have a greater impact than advertising that is relevant.D. The nature ofadvertising requires that everyone involved in the promotional planning processengage in creative thinking.E. Users of creative advertising can avoid using bigideas and unique selling propositions in their advertising campaigns.
4. (p. 260) Adsare often called _____.A. animaticsB. copy platformsC. creativeD. work plansE. storyboards5. (p. 260) The people who develop ads and commercials are knownas ____.A. innovatorsB. animaticsC. copy makersD. creative typesE. illuminators
6. (p. 260) Whichof the following statements is true about creative strategy andexecution?A. A good creative strategy and execution guarantees abrand will exceed its sales objectives.B. A good creative strategy almost never helps generatesales for a brand.C. Ads that are verycreative may not increase sales of a brand.D. Companies have no trouble coming up with creativeadvertising that differentiates their brands from the competition.E. Good creative strategy cannot help a struggling brandregain its former prominence.
7. (p. 260) Manycompanies are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year oncreative advertising because:A. they believe strongly in competitive parity.B. they realize marketing success is unrelated to theircreative advertising effort.C. they know that goodcreative strategy and execution are often critical to the success of a productor service.D. they want to win creative awards in order to respondto the intangibility and homogeneity characteristics of service.E. the development of good creative strategy is a scienceand is explained by marketing research.
8. (p. 260) Whichof the following statements is true regarding awards for advertisingcreativity?A. Ads that win creative awards almost always have apositive impact on sales.B. Most advertising and marketing people are supportiveof advertising awards because they feel creative people are more concerned withcreating advertising that sells their client’s products than with winningawards.C. As a rule, all advertising people believe awards arean inappropriate way of recognizing advertising creativity that often helpssell a client’s products.D. Not all advertisingcampaigns that have won creative awards have successfully generated sales fortheir clients’ products.E. An award winning ad leads to higher sales as it isgreatly liked and accepted by creative people.

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