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1.Analyze a Research Paper – Empire Essays

Read the following article:
Ahmadi, G., Shahmoradi, L., Safdar, R., Nilashi, M., & Alizadeh, M. (2018). The application of the internet of things in healthcare: A systematic literature review and classification. Universal Access in the Information Society, 1-35.
Watch the following video:
TBIPI. (2017, August 23).Benefits of IoT in healthcare | Smart diagnosis [Video file]. Retrieved from
Write a paper that addresses each of the following:

What information is in the abstract?
What is the purpose of the theoretical background?
What is the motivation and scope of the study?
Explain the research methods used.
What gaps and implications did the researchers identify?
What do the researchers include in the conclusions?
How do the researchers indicate they have acted appropriately while conducting the study?
Explain the research process and its importance to furthering knowledge in the field of healthcare.

paper should meet the following requirements:

Be three to four pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.
Each question or reflection should be answered with at least one paragraph of text discussion your finding.
Be formatted according to APA writing guidelines.

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