​EN 300 L: Essay #4 (75 points): Discipline Debate Summary

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January 4, 2021
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January 4, 2021

EN 300 L: Essay #4 (75 points): Discipline Debate Summary

Due Date

: Tuesday, October 30



In 750+ words, summarize a current debate in your major, discipline, or primary

academic area of interest—this should be a subject that reasonable and informed people within

your discipline disagree on. Make use of strong research to develop a well-rounded

understanding of a currently controversial topic within the discipline. Clearly and accurately

create an overview of the situation and the various positions within the debate. Make sure to use

specific examples of scholars who hold each position, and be sure to use both summary and

direct quotation to accurately illustrate each point of view.

You should NOT take a position on the issue in this essay (though do note that you will take a

position on the issue in Essay 5); rather, simply provide an accurate and fair accounting of the

positions that are taken.

Strong evidence and careful consideration of audience are essential to this essay. Use outside

evidence that will appeal to a range of readers, and cite that evidence on an additional works

cited page.



Your audience for this paper is made up of those outside of your discipline who are

interested in learning more about the issue at stake, but who do not yet have a good background

in the issue.

Grading scheme:

Summary: provide a clear, accurate, and detailed of the various positions – 30 points

Reasons and Evidence: Provide strong, clear support for your claims about what the

various positions on the issues are. Make sure to establish your credibility and provide

high quality evidence that a range of readers will accept. Cite your evidence correctly –

30 points

Mechanics/Clarity/Organization: Be clear, specific and well organized – 15 points

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