​Does democratization promote peace and American security?

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January 5, 2021
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January 5, 2021

Does democratization promote peace and American security? is the democratic peace a law of politics or an historical accident? does the united states have a duty to protect democracy around the world? what role do procedural restraints and normative influences play in the democratic peace? as more countries become democratic should we expect a decline in the incident of war?

Make sure to back your argument using hard facts.

I expect the writing assignment to have:

(1) A clear introduction that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor;

(2) A body of factual examples that support your thesis; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned readings or footnoted sources researched independently by the student; Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for academic essays;

(3) A coherent paragraph structure that highlights your main points; and

(4) Appropriate citations for materials drawn from the works of others; plagiarized threads will be penalized.

the Discussion posting should be approximately 400-600 words in length. Long, rambling, unfocused messages discourage readership and suggest fuzzy thinking. It is more difficult to express ideas in short essays than in long ones.

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