Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing essay is an art of jotting down one’s own feelings and thoughts with respect to any particular issue or topic in a way that it directly hits the reader’s mind and sometimes forces him/her to change his/her point of view. Essays are written for numerous issues but in a particular format enabling the reader identify one essay with the other. Essays are of different types as well, say, descriptive essay, persuasive essay, Expository essay, Narrative essay. These forms differ from each other in the way it is written. The content of the essay also depends on the form it is to be written in, say for example, while writing a descriptive essay, the author has to only be giving information and knowledge and explanation about the topic and not the pros and cons or the arguments related to it.

Similarly, we will see how to write a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay is one form of essay writing in which the author persuades the reader to accept his opinion about the topic based on certain relevant facts and examples. It is an essay which convinces the reader about the author’s idea. While writing an essay, some key points should be kept in mind so as to make it effective. While talking about how to write a persuasive essay, the following points should be looked upon:-

– First of all choose a topic which you are convinced with and have sufficient evidence to prove your point. And if the topic is given to you collect relevant material for the same and start exploring all the pros and cons and then come to a conclusion you can standby.

– Then list up the basic issues and things you will be covering through the essay in priority manner.
– Think an innovative and alluring introduction, because “Well Begun is Half Done”.
– Telling about how to write persuasive essay, In the Body part describe the facts collected along with examples from society which are easily identifiable by the reader.
– Your body part should be in more convincing language thereby keeping in mind not to hurt any one’s sentiments or raise any social or legal issue against you.
– Base up your body part of essay with arguments against your point and there only nullifying them though facts.
– Then the conclusion should be so articulate and precise as well as so persuading, leaving no room for the reader to think against you.

List on “How to write persuasive essay” can go longer but these are some points which if ignored will not fulfill your purpose of writing. The author should justify his arguments related to the topic all by himself first and then start writing for it. The opposition of the issue should also be thought before writing and should be covered up through the essay. For succeeding in your objective, first and foremost, think of a convincing topic, go through how to write persuasive essay and then conclude your opinion in precise and effective way.

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